Detroit, Michigan – More than 19,000 hourly workers at General Motors facilities in the U.S. have chosen to take advantage of an attrition program, the company reported yesterday. Most of the employees will leave the company no later than July 1, 2008.

GM will fill job openings with current employees whenever possible, as per the provisions of the GM/UAW national labour agreement. In facilities where new employees are required, they will be hired at the entry-level wage and benefit structure. The extent of new hiring at each facility will be determined on a plant-by-plant basis.

“Despite significant challenges in the U.S. market, we continue to reshape our business for long-term success,” said Troy Clarke, Group Vice President and President of GM North America. “This attrition program gives us an opportunity to restructure our U.S. workforce through the entry-level wage and benefit structure for new hourly employees.”

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