September 24, 2003

100,000th Kia arrives in Canada

Kia Sorento
Photo: Gerry Frechette
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Richmond, B.C. – The 100,000th Kia vehicle to arrive in Canada, a Sorento SUV, came off a transport ship at Annacis Terminals near Vancouver on Tuesday.

Kia Canada, now only four years old, is one of the fastest growing automobile companies in Canada. In its first four months of sales (Sept. to Dec. 1999), 1,417 cars were sold. In 2000, the first full year of sales, 13,343 vehicles were sold. In 2001 the number doubled to over 26,000 units followed by more than 29,000 in 2002. This year, the company expects to exceed 30,000 vehicle sales.

Kia is now outselling such established makes as BMW, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz,
and Volvo.

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