Esso (Esso Extra)

Reward Points Rate on Fuel: Esso Extra points accumulate in relation to every dollar spent on gasoline. You get one point per dollar spent on regular grade gas, two points per dollar on medium grade gas, and three points per dollar on high grade fuel.

Reward Points Rate on Retail: Though some exceptions apply, you’ll get one Esso Extra point for every dollar spent in store. No points are awarded on purchases of booze or smokes.

Bonus Points / Perks: Esso Extra offers a partnership with Visa, which allows shoppers to opt for an Esso Extra Visa Card. In addition to points bonuses on various items at the station, the Esso Visa card allows users to collect extra points on all purchases made using the card. Plus, there’s a monthly doubling of your Esso bonus points. So, collect 40 bonus points by buying higher-grade gas and in-store items, and your Esso Visa adds another 40 points at the end of each month.

Good Redemption Deals: Save ten cents per litre on 250 litres of fuel (value of $25) with a fuel savings card worth 4,100 points, or spend 5,000 points on a $30 free gas reward. Whether used for a fuel saving card, or a free gas card, the dollar value of Esso Extra points applied to fuel is virtually identical.

Redemption for lottery tickets worth the same amounts cost a few hundred points less than redemption for fuel, with $25 in lottery worth 4,000 points, and $25 in fuel worth 4,100 to 4,300. For most shoppers, the best value will be on free lottery and car washes, with the middle-of-the-line Full Wash relieving collectors of just 599 points (which, applied to free gas, is only worth about 3 bucks).

Esso Extra

Maud: With a standard Esso Extra card and her $250 a month in fuel spent towards regular-grade gas, and $50 more on qualifying in-store purchases, Maud would earn 300 Esso Extra points per month –enough for a bottle of water or a Gatorade, or a few bucks worth of lottery tickets. After a year, Maud’s 3,600 points could be used for a $20 gas card, six Full Wash car washes, or about $22 worth of free lotto.

Best For: Someone who wants to redeem points mostly for car washes and lottery, and especially someone willing to opt into an Esso-branded credit card for extra points earned on non gas-station purchases. If you feed your ride premium fuel, the extra points add up even faster.

ProTip: Gift Cards are available in exchange for points too, but be careful: at $25 in value, a Home Depot or Tim Hortons gift card is worth 4,500 points, though a $25 Esso Gift card is worth just 4,300. Then, that Esso Gift Card can be used to buy the higher-value gift cards for cash value. Do this, and you’ll save 200 points each time, which basically makes you a genius. Also, using your Esso Visa at a Shell or Petro station allows you to earn points from multiple programs at the same time.

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