Shell (Air Miles)

Reward Points Rate on Fuel: Gassing up your ride, you’ll earn 1 Air Mile on every purchase of 15 litres or more in a single transaction.

Reward Points Rate on Retail: Shop in the store, and you’ll get 1 Air Mile reward mile for every $10 purchased in-store before tax.

Bonus Points / Perks: If you’re a loyal Shell customer, you’ll get 10 bonus Air Miles if you purchase 225 litres or more of fuel each month, and 25 Air Miles if you purchase 500 litres or more. Reward miles are also earned on oil change services at Shell Stations with a service garage, with up to 5 miles for a pricier oil-change service. With the Air Miles program, participants can earn extra miles at numerous other locations and retailers, too. In store bonuses add even more when shoppers purchase certain quantities or combinations of products.

Shell & Air Miles

Good Redemption Deals: Standard redemption rates see 95 Air Miles worth $10 off at Shell. The Air Miles Cash program requires no gift cards, it simply turns 95 points into a $10 reduction in your total balance. Most redemptions come from outside the Shell retail environment, however. For instance, Air Miles can be converted to discounts at various grocery stores, pharmacies, home renovation centers and more. They can also be used for anything from discounts on flights or pizzas to new camera equipment to free movie tickets. Rewards are available from 800 to 900 points: an amount good for a blender, pet trimmer kit, or a luxury shower head.

Maud: As the reach of the Air Miles program extends far beyond Shell gas stations, Maud will do best to be collecting air miles when she does her groceries, Christmas shopping and home renovations, too. At Shell, spending $250 a month on regular fuel for her Taurus (at $1 per litre, and filling 30 litres at a time) and 50 bucks more on convenience store purchases and car washes, our Maud would earn about 13 air miles per month, before bonus offers.

Best For: Someone participating in a rewards program that extends far beyond their gas station. If you’re already an Air Miles collector, filling and shopping at Shell will add incrementally to your reward miles balance. Consider using Shell to bump your Air Miles points balance towards a discount on a big-ticket item you’ve got your eye on.

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