Kia Soul'ster concept
Kia Soul’ster concept. Click image to enlarge

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Kia Soul’ster concept

Detroit, Michigan – Aiming at younger buyers with younger budgets, Kia introduced the front-drive Kia Soul’ster today, an open-air concept vehicle based on the Kia Soul which was recently introduced at the 2008 Los Angeles auto show.

“Soul’ster delivers something new, intriguing and relevant to today’s buyers – a fun, affordable convertible for active people who like to share good times with friends,” said Tom Kearns, chief designer, KMA.  “Defying categorization and providing utility and practicality, the Soul’ster exhibits distinctive design cues and satisfies multiple consumer needs.”   

The brightly coloured yellow Soul’ster projects a hip industrial look with screw borders, reminiscent of a rivet design found on a fighter jet, said the company.  The windshield is shortened for a sportier and hunkered down appearance.  A two-piece top enables passengers to expose the front and back seating areas independently, using “elbow-grease” technology.  The roll bar serves a dual purpose and includes a place for the slider tracks, while providing protection not found in traditional convertibles.

The Soul’ster’s four-passenger seating design, a diversion from the Soul’s five-passenger arrangement, offers spacious versatility.  Fold-flat passenger and rear seats combined with ample headroom “make this the perfect car for social outings outdoors and on the beach with friends,” according to Kia.

Storage compartments below each of the fold-flat rear seats, offer room for myriad cargo needs.  In addition to the spacious cargo area, dual storage compartments also can be found in the rear and underneath the cargo hold area.

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